Design & Architecture

Onde Pixel

Miguel Chevalier is one of the pioneers of digital art. The French artist was born in Mexico City, and has used computers as his expressive language since 1978.

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Unexpected Hues

Not only design, but fashion was included amongst the Salone Satellite’s surprises. Dexter’s collection of 90×90 pure silk scarves…

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Fashion Forward

The exhibition Fashion Forward traces three centuries of fashion (1715-2015), taking visitors on a journey through history with three hundred garments. Its debut presentation is in the ample gallery space, Nef…

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Psychedelic Fashion

Vogue Italia’s selection of new talents, Who Is On Next, was on display in Palazzo Morando during Milan’s fashion week.

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Fashion Graduates

Istituto Marangoni’s annual runway show reveals the determination, sagely led by professionals, of students hailing from around the globe.

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Art & Graphic

An underwater, bamboo abyss

Cosmas D. Gozali designed the entrance to Jakarta’s Casa Indonesia, an annual interior design fair organized by Miranti M. Lemy, director of Casa Indonesia Magazine.

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The Moodboarders is a glance into the design world, which, in all of its facets, captures the extraordinary even within the routine. It is a measure of the times. It is an antenna sensitive enough to pick-up on budding trends, emerging talents and neglected aesthetics. Instead of essays, we use brief tales to tune into the rhythm of our world. We travelled for a year without stopping, and seeing as the memory of this journey has not faded, we have chosen to edit a printed copy. We eliminated anything episodic, ephemeral or fading, maintaining a variety of articles that flow, without losing the element of surprise, the events caught taking place, and the creations having just bloomed.