IManuela Mantegazza (editor and scenographer) and Franco Bolelli (philosopher and writer) presented their book, +Donna +Uomo, at the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Milan’s Piazza Piemonte on February 17. The book dares to suggest the construction of divided yet strong masculine and feminine roles, capable of creating advanced forms of relationships. We’ve taken the hint, and will speak about man, how he will dress, and Milan’s recent fall/winter fashion shows. Fashion is forced to evolve from season to season, seeking out new sources of inspiration. It draws on every kind of creativity, sniffing out the most transgressive artists to help propel it forward and design the “stage” in which its masterpieces will debut.

Cristina Morozzi

Cover: “Antonio Marras, Nulla dies sine linea exhibition at La Triennale, Milano”.

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The Moodboarders is a glance into the design world, which, in all of its facets, captures the extraordinary even within the routine. It is a measure of the times. It is an antenna sensitive enough to pick-up on budding trends, emerging talents and neglected aesthetics. Instead of essays, we use brief tales to tune into the rhythm of our world. We travelled for a year without stopping, and seeing as the memory of this journey has not faded, we have chosen to edit a printed copy. We eliminated anything episodic, ephemeral or fading, maintaining a variety of articles that flow, without losing the element of surprise, the events caught taking place, and the creations having just bloomed.