About Us

“Design is not a profession. It is a mentality.
There is design in the organization of emotive experiences,
in family life, in work relationships, in the cooperation between human beings.
The desire to work on designing life, in this sense, is one of Slamp’s objectives”

These words, written by a young Business Communications graduate,
capture the exact reason why we decided to design The Moodboarders Magazine,
as a natural extension of Slamp’s cultural and creative turmoil.

Erika Martino and Luca Mazza, Founders

The Moodboarders is a glance into the design world, capable of capturing, in all of its many facets, what is extraordinary in the everyday. It is a measure of the times. It is an antenna sensitive enough to pick up on budding trends, emerging talents, and overlooked aesthetics. It is an adventure towards discovering the most original creativity. It is a savoury mix of contemporary news acquired through persistent involvement in even in the farthest corners of the design world, as well as an occasional dive into fashion, seeing as the two go hand in hand.

The writer Alessandro Baricco remarks, “If you do not tell the story, it simply does not exist”.

With The Moodboarders Magazine, we narrate what surprises us or piques our curiousity, through words and photos. To tune into the rhythm of our world, instead of essays we use brief tales to document cues taken from different spheres that inspire reason, emotion and good taste.

Cristina Morozzi, Editor-in-Chief