Cristina Morozzi


Erika Martino

Founder and Managing Editor

Luca Mazza

Founder and Art Director

Noemi Patriarca

Graphic Designer

Melissa Marchese



Cristina Morozzi

Journalist, critic and art-director on the border between art, fashion and design

Francesca Tagliabue

Moving above the lines as much as needed, I would love to live in tree house designed by Mies van der Rohe

Pete Brewis

After over a decade of editing design magazines, I've taken to the road for a year, traversing the world in search of wonder.

Li Jun

I’d be surrounded by the rich colors of this world, and continue to push the boundaries of design and art.

Domitilla Dardi

As a historian and curator, I observe design by reading and visiting exhibitions.

Melodie Leung

Observing, wondering and creating in between of architecture, art and design.

Gennaro Esposito

It was 1991, and the only thing I knew for sure was that I would never do what other restaurants were doing.